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Shorter Email Subject Lines Up Engagement

Email Subject Lines

Did you think that longer email subject lines were better? The data says no.

Shorter Subject Lines Up Engagement

The marketing platform Retention Science analyzed over 1 billion emails sent in the past two years to pinpoint what types of emails incite higher engagement rates. The company claims that the emails were representative of a cross-section of retailers and brands, and were normalized to account for various sample sizes. The Holidays Are Key for Email Marketers Email marketers preparing for the holidays should take note that click rates are highest in October (30%) and November (27%), according to
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This is Not a Quiz


Quizzes can be very effective for engaging your audience. They are also a great way to learn about your customers and create more personalized marketing.

How to Use Quizzes to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Using quizzes as a part of your marketing strategy is one of the most underrated types of content that every marketer should be trying, and we’d be lying if we didn’t tell how effective they really were. It isn’t enough for us to just convince you to implement quizzes in your marketing strategy, so we’re going to show you exactly how to create an eff
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Virtual Reality is Here with Samsung Gear VR

Virtual Reality

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Samsung has created a new virtual reality product called Samsung Gear VR.

For better or worse, consumer virtual reality is here with the Samsung Gear VR

The second generation of virtual reality is now officially a full-blown consumer product. We can no longer linger around the outer rim of virtual reality, dipping our toes into the water, while holding a Google Cardboard box over our eyes and exclaiming, “This is the future of consumer entertainment!” The idea is no longer the future. It’s the now. And Samsung has taken it upon itself to be an early pioneer of this new world with its Samsung Gear VR unit. It’s a legit ha
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U.S. Consumers Favor Amazon for Online Holiday Shopping


Are you shopping on Amazon this holiday season?

POLL-U.S. consumers favor Amazon for online holiday shopping

CHICAGO, Nov 19 (Reuters) – A majority of U.S. consumers plan to go to for most of their online holiday shopping, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, even after traditional retailers have collectively spent billions of dollars to try to capture Web demand. The survey of 3,426 adults conducted from November 12 to 18 found that 51 percent plan to do most of their online shopping at Amazon this holiday season, compared to 16 percent at Walmart, 3 percent at Target and 2 percent at Macy’s
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14 Dogs Before and After Being Rescued by PETA

Dogs Rescued by PETA

Here’s a nice animal rescue story to share. Happy Thanksgiving!

14 Dogs Before and After They Were Rescued by PETA (Photos)

PETA’s fieldworkers are on call 24/7, responding to animal emergencies year round. Here’s a glimpse into the lives of just a handful of the animals they’ve encountered who faced extreme neglect but were ultimately rescued by PETA. When PETA fieldworkers found Boss, a Chihuahua-terrier mix, he was covered with fleas, causing him to lose nearly all his fur and leaving his skin pain
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5 Facebook Ads You Should Run for Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here. One of the best ways to advertise is on Facebook.  Do you know that you can now advertise on Instagram with the Facebook Ads Platform?

5 Facebook Ads You Should Run This Holiday Season

The holiday season drives more engagement on Facebook than any other time of year. More importantly, the majority of users also find that content on social media heavily influences their holiday shopping, so it is crucial for your brand to be a part of the conversation, especially given that fact that many other brands are also vying for visibility. Facebook advertising is the most effective way to get your message heard. Cost-per-clicks reach an all-time high in November and December, so you n
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All About Explainer Animation Videos

Explainer Animation Videos

Explainer Animation Videos are great for Internet Marketing. One of my favorite tools for creating explainer videos is Explaindio.

Explainer animations – examples and tips for planning animated YouTube videos

There has been a boom in the use of animated video in digital marketing. When executed well-animated videos can engage audiences through high quality content, SEO benefits and give an excellent way to communicate a large amount of information to your audience in a small amount of time. Explainer videos are an increasingly popular form of content marketing which tell a story explaining visually how a product or brand helps different personas. In this post I start by  giving some tips to help
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Real-Life Vegan Superheroes

Vegan Power

Can you carry a horse? Patrik Baboumian can, and he’s a proud vegan. Check out Patrik and these other cool vegans and vegetarians.

Real-Life Plant-Based Superheroes Who Are Straight Up Crushin’ It

Perhaps you have an idea about what vegans and vegetarians “look like” or what they’re capable of. Well, we took a hot minute to throw together a short list of some expectation-shattering individuals from all over the world who are living proof that you can go meat-free and still crush it. Attention, haters: Please find your way to the nearest chair and sit yourself down. Get comfy, ’cause here we go. These plant-powered champions are living examples of the positiv
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7 Instagram Marketing Tips


Make your Instagram marketing posts stand out with these seven tips.

7 Ways to Use Instagram for Marketing

Instagram, the photo-sharing application that debuted in 2010 and that Facebook acquired in 2012, currently boasts over 400 million users. Its popularity has caught the attention of businesses, which are now using the application for marketing. Here are seven ways that you can use Instagram to gain new followers and market your business to this ever-growing, image-sharing network. Take Good Photos. Your photos should be interesting, clear, and attention grabbing. While Instagram provides
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30 Social Media Hacks and Experiments

Social Media Hacks

If you wan to build your social media presence, try these innovative social media experiments by Kevan Lee.

30 Days Worth of Social Media Hacks and Experiments

If you’re curious for ways to grow your social media numbers, to have more success, to get more followers and more clicks, the absolute best piece of advice we’ve found is to keep trying new things. Always be testing. Need inspiration? I’ve drummed up 30 new, small, and simple experiments and growth hacks you can try this month to see what works for you. They’re all low-cost, big-potential. I’d love to hear which ones you’re interested in trying! (And which o
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