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WordPress version 5.2 delivers more security features, tools to fix ‘fatal’ website errors

WordPress announced Tuesday the latest version is now available for download and includes several security updates.

“There are even more robust tools for identifying and fixing configuration issues and fatal errors,” wrote WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg on the company’s blog, “Whether you are a developer helping clients or you manage your site solo, these tools can help get you the right information when you need it.”

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Shopify adds new Facebook, Snapchat ad buying options from the e-commerce platform

Shopify is giving Facebook and Snapchat advertisers new ways to purchase ads through its e-commerce platform. On Monday the company announced its users will be able to create, manage and launch Facebook dynamic ad campaigns through its e-commerce solution. Shopify is also launching new integrations with Snapchat, making it possible for clients to create Story Ads campaigns via a Snapchat Ads App from Shopify.

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7 best social media monitoring tools for any business

People have always talked about brands and products. They’ve praised and complained about companies in the dining rooms, by the water cooler, over the phone. With the rise of social media, this previously intangible word-of-mouth has finally become measurable — and thus amplifiable — for businesses. Social media listening, the process of using a tool to monitor online mentions of a brand (or anything else), gives companies access to that data.

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Best US Cities for Professional Women

Although the Equal Pay Act was passed in the early 1960s, women in 2019 are in a constant uphill battle to earn the same amount as their male counterparts.

The wage gap continues to result in a lower overall median wage for women than for men in the same occupation. Industries based in science and math continue to be dominated by men with remarkably low percentages of the workforce being made up by women.

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What Uber and Lyft’s investment bankers got right

Startup CEOs heading to the public markets have a love/hate relationship with their investment bankers. On one hand, they are helpful in introducing a company to a wide range of asset managers who will hopefully hold their company’s stock for the long term, reducing price volatility and by extension, employee churn.

On the other hand, they are flagrantly expensive, costing millions of dollars in underwriting fees and related expenses.

Worse, the advice one gets from investment bankers tends to . . .  Read More

Facebook warns advertisers ‘Clear History’ tool may impact ad targeting

Facebook released an announcement Tuesday letting advertisers know that its coming “Clear History” tool — a feature that will allow users to disconnect their off-Facebook activity from their profile — may impact ad targeting, but will not affect any measurement or analytics tools.

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Supreme Court rules against Apple, allows an App Store antitrust case to proceed

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 against Apple on Monday on a case involving whether or not a group of iPhone users will be allowed to bring an antitrust lawsuit against the company regarding its App Store practices. The iPhone owners allege that Apple’s 30 percent commission on App Store sales is passed along to users, representing an unlawful and unfair use of Apple’s monopoly power.

Apple had moved to have the case dismissed, arguing that consumers were buying their apps from the . . .  Read More

Here’s how to identify and define your brand to engage customers

What is your brand? Ask most business owners or marketers that question, and they’ll usually start talking about their logo, catchphrases or even their color scheme. Particularly savvy businesspeople might even describe their market niche and competitive advantage.

But, while all of those points are important parts of how your business represents itself to the public, they aren’t your brand.

Take Apple, for example. If I asked you what Apple’s brand is, you might be tempted to say “an apple . . .  Read More

Microsoft: The open source company

Microsoft: The open source company


The news from Microsoft’s Build developer conference that surprised me most was that Microsoft will ship a genuine Linux kernel—GPLed, with all patches published—with Windows. That announcement was made with the announcement of Windows Terminal, a new front-end for command-line programs on Windows that will, among other things, support tabs.

Microsoft’s increased involvement with open source software isn’t new, as projects such as Visual . . .  Read More

5 steps to move closer to one-to-one personalization

“One-to-one marketing” continues to be one of the biggest buzzwords of 2019. At MarTech West last month, it felt like everyone at the conference discussed how their teams are working to foster personalized connections with customers through technology stacks. It also was refreshing to hear that I’m not alone and no one has achieved truly one-to-one marketing – at least not yet.

Customer-centric brands constantly adapt and improve processes to cater to its customers more effectively. Here . . .  Read More