Amazon’s Echo Look is a voice assistant with a camera, because that’s not creepy

Amazon debuted a new camera-equipped, Alexa-enabled device today called Echo Look.

The Echo Look can take pictures, share a live video feed of the camera to your phone, and record videos. The totally not creepy device will set you back $ 199.

The Style Check feature could be one of the main features that makes a smart speaker with a camera interesting. Using computer vision, Echo Look can help you decide what shirt or dress to wear by taking a picture and running it through style-trained machine learning algorithms. In initial news, Amazon has not shared many details about how its Style Check computer vision works.

This feature suggests additional visual always-on services such as security. Sharing those photos of with friends in chat or social media — a feature that made A-B bot Swelly popular — may also be an attractive feature for an intelligent assistant with a camera.

Several bots like have been made with computer vision or to give fashion advice, though there are few fashion advice voice apps available today.

Google Home also has a stylist. A voice app called Able Style gives daily mens fashion tips and with the assistant can walk through a website that provides a series of fashion ideas and color combinations.

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