Canada Goose: ‘Urine’ Trouble

Canada Goose: ‘Urine’ Trouble

Looking for a new way to help coyotes trapped and killed for companies like Canada Goose? If so, urine luck! PETA has a golden call to action for you—to combat trapping and save lives, around the next trap that you find, apply a natural coyote repellent: human urine.

Take a trip to the great outdoors this Saturday and look out for snares and steel traps, both of which painfully immobilize coyotes. Some animals—particularly mothers with young in the nest, burrow, or den—will even resort to trying to chew off their own limbs in order to free themselves. When the trapper returns, those who are still alive will be shot, beaten, or stomped to death. So relieve yourself liberally on and around any traps that you see. Coyotes have an acute sense of smell and are repelled by the scent of humans.


Be sure to take extra bottles of water and drink up! You can also collect urine in containers and take them with you. We hope you’ll help coyotes by leaving your mark around these cruel traps.

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