Get Your Free Restaurant Comment Cards!

Get Your Free Restaurant Comment Cards!

Are you looking for an easy way to let local restaurants know that you’d like more vegan options? Or a way to show your appreciation for those that already offer an abundance of plant-based menu items? You can do both with PETA’s free new restaurant comment cards.

Feedback is good for restaurants. Hearing from customers about what they want on the menu allows management to serve their clientele better—a win-win situation for you and the establishment! With these handy comment cards, you can let restaurant managers know what you think about their selection of vegan options. And as more vegan food is served at restaurants, more animals are saved—plain and simple.

Simply check one of the boxes and leave the card at the host table on your way out. If a restaurant doesn’t have a lot of vegan options, be polite but let the manager know that you’d be spending more money there if it did. And if a restaurant does have great vegan options, consider telling management just how much you appreciate it. That’s it! Easy activism.

Fill out the form below, and we’ll send you a free pack of 10 comment cards that you can leave at restaurants every time you go out to eat (for U.S and Canada residents only).

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