How to Use Email Autoresponders

Email Autoresponders

Email autoresponders are a very powerful tool to use in email marketing. I’m not talking about the “out of office” type of autoresponder you use when you want an automated response to go to anyone who send you an email. I’m talking about a marketing tool that automatically sends a set of scheduled email messages to any subscriber who signs up to your email list. There are several email service providers that allow you to set up autoresponders, and one of my favorites is GetResponse.

The Power of Email Autoresponders

The Jetsons, a ’70s-era cartoon series, started and ended with the main character, George Jetson, being moved through a series of automated steps that did everything from dropping the kids off at school to getting his slippers and pipe at the end of the day. While the Jetsons’ automation was fictional, the idea of automating tasks is very real and a wise addition to an email marketing strategy. By using emails called autoresponders, smart marketers can amplify their engagement through t
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