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How companies can elevate the digital customer experience

30-second summary:

  • Capgemini’s lookbook is full of tips and case studies about how brands and retailers can elevate their customer experience.
  • Everything you are building needs to be customer-focused.That’s why it’s important to listen to the customer’s  needs and understand their existing journey before building a new journey.
  • It’s not enough to have an online presence for your brand. You need to invest in digital transformation that will enable your customers to browse your products across all devices and channels.
  • According to a recent survey, 29% of customers want to see personalized offers based on their profile while also maintaining their anonymity. There is a greater need for personal safety when it comes to data collection without necessarily reducing the need for personalization.

Easy access to online technology has changed customer expectations. It’s not enough anymore for a brand to have a website or an e-shop. It’s crucial to deliver the best customer experience across all channels as an extension of their physical presence.

Success for a retailer involves an excellent digital customer experience that turns customers into loyal advocates.

Capgemini has released a lookbook full of tips and case studies about . . .  Read More

4 marketing lessons from retailers who are mastering the customer experience

I don’t need to go into detail on how fierce competition is for digital marketers in the retail space. They are constantly determining how to outmaneuver other retailers and better engage shoppers.

Simply spending more to box out competitors is not the long-term answer – nor is it viable for most retail businesses. The solution is to simultaneously invest in more personalized marketing approaches as well as the customer experience. That’s because investing in the customer experience . . .  Read More

Is personalization, ID resolution worth risking customer trust?

There’s a lot of buzz regarding personalization and ID resolution. And for some — like Indiana’s Community Health Network, which we profiled yesterday — it can really work when it comes to customer engagement. But there’s another view.

“Most marketers are not yet really thinking twice about ID resolution platforms and the large-scale automated pursuit of people that they enable,” said Mark Stouse, the CEO of Proof Analytics, a company that offers regression . . .  Read More

MessageBird launches Inbox.ai to disrupt the customer service market

MessageBird, the Amsterdam-headquartered cloud communications platform backed by Accel in the U.S. and Europe’s Atomico, is unveiling another new product today, this time taking aim at the $ 350 billion customer service market.

Dubbed Inbox.ai and positioned as “Slack for external communications,” the new product — which is to be offered largely for free — enables customers to communicate . . .  Read More

Wipro Digital buys customer experience firm Rational Interactive

Wipro Digital, the digital business unit of the global IT company Wipro Limited, has acquired Rational Interactive, a full-service digital customer experience company.

Rational Interactive will continue to grow and service its clients as it integrates with Wipro, according to the announcement, and there are no plans to reduce Rational’s staff.

Why we care

CMOs and marketing leads across industries are being charged with customer journey initiatives, with marketing organizations taking more ownership . . .  Read More

Merkle launches digital advertising solution for retailers to monetize their customer data

This month, performance marketing agency Merkle launched New Stream Media, a service aimed at helping retailers develop and support media programs to monetize their customer data and sell advertising on and off of their own websites.

The need. The offering stemmed from the “consistent conversations around data” that Merkle found it was having with its retail clients, which account for roughly a quarter of the agency’s client roster. “We saw a need to help . . .  Read More

How new technology is changing the game for the luxury customer

30-second summary:

  • All types of technologies old and new, are aspiring  to translate the luxury brick and mortar experience to the digital sphere.
  • Recent studies found that customers that were engaged through web chat are 4.73 times more likely to convert, and online customers who chat with someone spend 62% more than those who are not engaged.
  • Live chat and chatbots provide a quick response system, where luxury customers get the help they need in real time, at a critical moment in their purchasing journey.
  • Prompting consumers with an AI-powered chatbot, and following up immediately with a live, knowledgeable person via live chat, stops customer from seeking an answer on your competitor’s website.
  • An AI system that allows your online customer reps to have access to a customer’s browsing history on the site, or know what’s in their shopping basket helps them suggest add-ons or present special deals, making your customer feel like the experience has been especially tailored to them.

The online luxury consumer is an incredibly valuable yet challenging customer.

How does your brand stand out and perfect online luxury retailing for this audience? Among a sea of websites, luxury and mainstream, that look and feel the same, how do you differentiate yourself?

To answer this question, let’s think of a luxury brand – let’s say Gucci.

You have to think about the differences between the customer service in a Gucci physical storefront versus that of a mid-tier physical store, . . .  Read More

Retina integrates with Shopify, offers predictive analytics for customer lifetime value

Retina Go CLV metrics

Analytics platform Retina has launched an integration with Shopify that gives merchants access to predictive analytics for customer lifetime value (CLV). The “Retina Go” tool can be downloaded via Shopify’s app store for free.

Why we should care

A tool is a version of the company’s full AI platform and aims to give smaller e-commerce brands access to predictive insights around customer lifetime value. The data can help merchants compete with larger retail brands and platforms like Amazon. . . .  Read More

To gain actionable customer insights, ask the right questions

Do you know why people show up on your website? Why they are interested in your brand? Do you know why they want to talk to your company? These are the questions brands need to be asking customers if they want actionable insights that deliver results, according to Tom Shapiro, CEO at Stratabeat.

Shapiro believes brands need to have a sharp focus when it comes to their customers’ goals. “What problems are they trying to tackle?” asked Shapiro during his workshop, Digging for Customer . . .  Read More

Is it time to add a Journey Manager to your customer experience team?

Product managers have long been part of product marketing teams, but Kerry Bodine, customer experience expert and coach, says it’s time for businesses to consider a new role: Journey Manager.

“I would argue that every single thing your organization does influences the customer journey,” said Bodine.

Bodine shared her ideas on the journey manager role and responsibilities, as well as a framework for building and managing the customer journey process at DX Summit in Chicago on . . .  Read More