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Email is Still The Heart of Cross-Channel Marketing


Make sure you are collecting email addresses across all of your marketing channels.

Email Remains the Heart of Cross-Channel Marketing

Every marketer knows the importance of a solid cross-channel marketing strategy. An omnichannel program gives consumers a more fluid experience, and this good user experience translates into better engagement. Integrated data is at the heart of a solid cross-channel strategy, but as you peel back some of the layers, you can see that email is the centerpiece of any good cross-channel program. There are many advantages to centering your marketing strategy around email. Email is the most direct…
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Improve Your Content Marketing in Three Steps

Content Marketing

Content marketing is very important in the online world. Check out these three tips on how to improve your content marketing efforts.

3 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing

Have you created a documented strategy for your content-marketing efforts? Are you already executing against it? Are you rolling out new content on a predictable schedule? If so, you’re already miles ahead of where many entrepreneurs and businesses are with their content marketing. Related: 7 Essentials for Making Your Content-Marketing Business Thrive But there are always ways to tighten your focus, convert more leads and enhance the effectiveness of your…
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Build a Pop-Up Email Opt-in Strategy That Won’t Annoy Readers


Keep these tips in mind when creating your email opt-in form.

5 Steps to Building a Pop-Up Email Strategy That Won’t Annoy Readers

You’ve done the work to create great content and have readers visiting your website, but now it’s time to take your marketing to the next level. It’s time to jumpstart your email-marketing strategy. You hear it again and again that building an email list is the most important aspect of content marketing, as it helps create a more direct channel to your audience through which you can share discounts, promotions or premium content. But you’ve got to make the…
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How to Dramatically Increase Your Email Subscriptions

Email Subscriptions

Building a quality email list is one of the most valuable things you should be doing as an online marketer. Increase your email subscription rate with these tips.

4 Ways to Dramatically Increase Email Subscriptions

Attention small business owners: Email marketing is not dead. Email marketing is alive and well and continues to blow the doors off of other digital marketing channels. In fact, according to digital marketer and blogger Abrar Mohi Shafee writing on the the Kissmetrics blog, “Your email is your biggest asset!” But how can that be with email continuing to overtake our in-boxes and with email filters more effectively screening email blasts? It would seem that the effectiveness of email…
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Shorter Email Subject Lines Up Engagement

Email Subject Lines

Did you think that longer email subject lines were better? The data says no.

Shorter Subject Lines Up Engagement

The marketing platform Retention Science analyzed over 1 billion emails sent in the past two years to pinpoint what types of emails incite higher engagement rates. The company claims that the emails were representative of a cross-section of retailers and brands, and were normalized to account for various sample sizes. The Holidays Are Key for Email Marketers Email marketers preparing for the holidays should take note that click rates are highest in October (30%) and November (27%), according to
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Tips from 11 Marketing Wizards

Marketing Ideas

Here are some great tips from some of the best minds in marketing.

11 Marketing Wizards Share Their Best Tricks

There are no silver bullets in marketing. What makes businesses successful are scaleable and repeatable processes. A solid approach to generating consumer interest and promoting your brand will go a long way in building a profitable and sustainable company. Here, 11 of the world’s most talented marketers share their best secrets, strategies and tips for growing big businesses. Your customers will consistently surprise you, but they are not the only people worth surveying. James
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Survey Says Email is The Preferred Digital Channel for Marketing

Email Personalization

Most of your customers prefer to hear from you via email. And if they feel a personal connection to you, they are much more likely to read your message.

Email Top Digital Channel For Marketing, Personalization Key

The study, conducted by email marketing automation service Autopilot, surveyed 1,200 consumers in August 2015 to investigate “consumer preferences when it comes to when, where and how marketers are reaching out,” states Guy Marion, CMO at Autopilot. Over half of respondents (51%) say that they are most likely to engage with a company’s marketing through email, the most preferred marketing channel. An advertisement (25%) and social media (22%) rounded out the top three, but wit
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5 Elements That Boost Email Marketing ROI

Email Marketing

Email marketing has one of the best ROI, if done right. Here are some tips on how to boost your results.

The 5 Magic Elements That Boost Email Marketing ROI Into the Stratosphere

For every $1 businesses spend on email marketing they generate about $40 in ROI, according to Mike May of MediaPost’s Email Insider. Although email seems unappealing compared with social media and emerging trends like native advertising, email consistently proves to be the most engaging medium for marketers. Whether you are new to email marketing or are a seasoned guru, here is a quick checklist of five essentials for your overall email strategy: To get your foot
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Do’s and Don’ts on Creating a Compelling Email Subject Line

Email Newsletter

If you use email marketing, you want your subject line to do one thing – get your reader to open your email message! Remember that, and check out these tips on how to create a relevant and compelling subject line for every email you send.

How To Craft a Compelling Subject Line

By Kath Pay. Do craft your subject line immediately after writing your objective. The simple act of writing your subject line first will help you to stay focused on the objective of the email, helping to achieve better results. Over the years I’ve trained hundreds of email marketers, 90% of whom have admitted that they save writing the subject line until a few minutes before they push “send,” which often results in a hurried and potentially ineffective line. By writing the subject before y
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9 Email Marketing Trends

Email Marketing

CC BY by melenita2012

Here are the latest email marketing trends. Make sure you are aware of them when building your email campaigns.

Are You Gearing Up To Meet Email Marketing Trends?

Below are nine drivers of change and trends you must anticipate and prepare for if you want to remain competitive — and to keep email a valuable and viable channel. 1. The “customer journey.” It’s the big marketing buzzword this year, but for good reason. Knowing your customer journey drives many decisions: e.g., is email or another channel best for responding to customer behavior? To get that 360-degree view, you must map the journey in collaboration with all of the departments in your compan
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