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A Shark Tank Story: PiperWai

Shark Tank

Here’s a great success story of two entrepreneurs who made it big after appearing on Shark Tank. Find out how they did it.

Plus, check out this video of Warren Buffet below to learn an invaluable investing lesson.

Shark Tank: Barbara Corcoran Gets A Whiff Of 1,000% Growth In A Millennial Female Business

Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran has gotten a whiff of 1,000% sales growth thanks to a millennial, female-owned business, PiperWai. The former New York real estate mogul struck a deal with co-founders Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribner in a December 2015 episode of the ABC hit business reality show. Corcoran […]
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Best Savings Accounts as of March 2016


Didn’t think you can earn interest with bank accounts anymore? Well, think again. Here are your best options.

The Best Savings Accounts of March 2016

Interest rates on savings accounts at traditional banks remain painfully low. Bank of America currently pays 0.01% APY on its Regular Savings Account.The other major banks pay similar interest rates. If you keep $100,000 in an account paying 0.01%, you will earn just $10 of interest in one year, before…
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The Five Countries with The Highest Unemployment Rates


If you live in South Africa, Greece, Spain, Iraq, or Egypt, you know the effects of a high unemployment rate. Those of us in the United States and other countries should be thankful. And investors in this global economy should take notice.

The Five Highest Unemployment Rates In The World

Unemployment can be a ravaging force in an economy. In this article, we will reveal the countries with the five highest rates!
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Jack Ma Says US Should Quit Worrying About China

Yin and Yang

Should investors be worrying about China’s recent economic downturn? The founder and executive chairman of e-commerce giant Alibaba says no. Why? He says the Chinese people save much more than do Americans, so they have more money to spend in economic downturns.

Jack Ma to US: Quit worrying so much about China

Despite a much-discussed domestic slowdown, China has a quality that America doesn’t, which could take its economy through tough times, the tech leader said. “People say ‘Well you know the economy’s bad, so China consumption will be low.’ No, totally different,” Ma said. “You Americans love to spend tomorrow’s money, and other people’s money maybe. … We Chinese love to save money.” Ma said Chinese consumers are among the world’s biggest savers. In fact, the World Bank ranks China fourth among
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What a Billionaire Investor Picks for the Future

Investment Growth

Here are some insights on where to look to invest for the future, from a successful billionaire investor.

What e-commerce, aliens and AI have in common

Yuri Milner tells Julia Boorstin at TechCrunch Disrupt that he is bullish on artificial intelligence, e-commerce and finding alien civilizations. Billionaire investor Yuri Milner had huge success betting on Internet giants from Facebook and Twitter, to Snapchat and Spotify, but when he looks to the future, he says there won’t be much opportunity in Internet-only companies, such as these. In an exclusive interview on CNBC, he said now he’s looking to invest in companies that bridge the online an
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Ray Dalio’s All Weather Fund Slumps This Year

Market Swings

Market volatility has hit investors hard recently. With global economic uncertainty, China’s market implosion, and concerns about the U.S. Fed raising rates, it’s been difficult to decide where to invest. Even successful investor Ray Dalio’s all weather strategy has not faired well so far this year. Where are you putting your money today?

Bridgewater’s All Weather Fund slumps in market storm

An $80 billion portfolio managed by hedge fund titan Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates and widely held by many pension funds slumped in August and some investors blame the strategy of such funds for the eruption in volatility that slammed stocks and commodities. Bridgewater’s “All Weather Fund” fell 4.2 percent in August and is down 3.76 percent so far this year, according to three people familiar with the fund’s performance on Thursday. Equity markets worldwide stumbled in recent weeks, drive
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Will Netflix Remain King of Movie Streaming?


CC BY by Shardayyy

Almost everyone I know loves Netflix. I’ve been a subscriber for years. There are several good alternatives out there, though – including Amazon, Hulu, and soon Apple. Does Netflix have a sustainable competitive advantage? Should they worry about Apple?

Why Netflix shouldn’t sweat Apple: Analyst

Concerns about Netflix’s situation have risen after the streaming giant lost several big-name movie titles and after rumors about a new Apple TV model surfaced. But the company shouldn’t be overly concerned about Apple possibly doubling down on streaming for two reasons, said Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Youssef Squali on Thursday. “At the end of the day, Netflix has a sustainable competitive advantage that can be defined in two things: the brand and the price,” Squali said in an interview with CN
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Why Disney’s Stock Dropped

Disney is a great company, and with the latest sharp drop in stock price, now is a perfect time to buy.

Cramer: Iger’s 3 words that wrecked Disney’s stock

Cramer: DIS remains terrific buy for posterity, long-term Mad Money’s Jim Cramer examines both Disney’s earnings and the stock itself. When Jim Cramer saw the volatile action of Disney’s stock on Wednesday, he knew that in order to determine what happened, he had to be clinical and unemotional. After all, he doesn’t consider this just any ordinary stock. It’s the one that he has always told investors to buy for their kids and then put away. “You have to ask yourself, has that much cha…
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Only have $1000 to invest? Go for low fee and go global

If you’re just getting started in investing, you should read this.

A thousand dollars is a minuscule amount in the investing world, but for many young professionals it’s all they’ve got to start off. And while money managers aren’t beating down doors to serve them, that shouldn’t be a deterrent against young people investing early, even if they’ve only very little. A young professional with $1,000 in a tax-free savings account intent on investing for the long term has the benefit of time on their side, which translates into a higher risk tolerance and the potential to reap big gains. While their options for investments are limited, they are clear. Experts say there is really only one way to go: Buy global equities in a low-fee fund, and keep your hands off. Why global equities? Experts say inves…
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