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Master the web’s most commonly used programming language for a price you like

If you’re in the market to create web pages and web-based user experiences, you need to be familiar in JavaScript. Because frankly, you don’t have a choice. It’s a code that contributes to virtually every facet of web development — and if you’re looking to have a career in web development, the JavaScript Development Bundle can help get you there. For any price you want to pay. By offering to pay any price at all, you’ll immediately get access to two JavaScript courses: Learn NoSQL Database Design From Scratch & With CouchDB, focused on creating databases with CouchDB and MongoDB; and Projects in…

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Israel’s Netanyahu tweets like Trump. Great idea!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech at a Cyber Security Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel January 31, 2017. REUTERS/Baz Ratner

(Reuters) – Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t just appreciate Donald Trump’s politics. He is starting to sound like him on Twitter.

Over the past year, Netanyahu has increasingly taken to social media to make policy statements. He also uses it to deride the Israeli media for its reporting on him.

“It’s fun. I enjoy it,” he told the foreign media at a gathering last month. While he fully supported press freedom and the right to criticize, he added: “Guess what? We should have the freedom to criticize them, and that’s what I do on occasion. And it’s a lot of fun.”

In recent weeks, in the build up to Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration and in the days since, some of Netanyahu’s posts have adopted the president’s unmistakable rat-a-tat syntax.

“President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel’s southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea,” Netanyahu tweeted on Jan. 28, posting pictures of the U.S. and Israeli flags next to each other.

Trump retweeted it to his 23 million followers, contributing to it getting far more attention than Netanyahu’s tweets normally do: 53,000 retweets and more than 100,000 likes.

The ramping-up of Netanyahu’s presence on Twitter and Facebook has largely taken place since he appointed a new English-language spokesman in early 2016 – American-born David Keyes, who has a background in online video campaigns.

“He speaks directly to the people and can bypass the often deeply biased traditional media,” Keyes said last month. “The prime minister’s innovative use of social media is making Israel accessible and understood to countless people around the globe.”

The 67-year-old prime minister also employs a 24-year-old, Topaz Luk, as director of social media strategy.

The right-wing Israeli leader has dreamed of a Republican in the White House throughout his four terms in office, including three awkward years with Bill Clinton and eight years of dust-ups with Barack Obama. Obama’s term ended with Netanyahu using Twitter to accuse the outgoing president of secretly backing an anti-Israel U.N. resolution.

Trump has promised to carry out policies that Netanyahu has long sought, such as moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, rethinking a nuclear accord with Iran and keeping quiet while Israel builds more settlements. The two men will meet in Washington on Feb. 15.


Netanyahu’s critics say social media can cause trouble when posts are misunderstood.

In the case of his tweet about Trump and walls, it prompted a formal protest by the Mexican government, which saw Netanyahu as taking sides on a bilateral issue by supporting Trump’s plan to build a wall on the U.S. southern border.

Netanyahu said he was not commenting on U.S.-Mexican relations or the wisdom of Trump’s wall, simply responding to comments from Trump that praised Israel’s own wall-building.

Trump may have been referring to the concrete-and-steel barrier Israel has built along and inside the occupied West Bank, which Israel refuses to call a “wall” at all, and which Palestinians regard as an illegal land grab.

The wall Netanyahu boasted about in his reply is a smaller, less controversial steel barrier on the border with Egypt largely designed to stop illegal migrants from Africa.

But whatever the source of the misunderstanding, Netanyahu knew who to blame.

“The left-wing media is engaged in a Bolshevik hunt, brainwashing and character assassination against me and my family,” he said in Hebrew, before going on to invoke one of Trump’s favorite phrases.

“It happens every day and night. They are producing about us a flood, there is no other word for it, a flood of fake news.”

(By Maayan Lubell and Luke Baker. Editing by Peter Graff)

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The Shimo VPN for Mac is like a Fort Knox for your online data (65% off)

When it comes to choosing a VPN, the Shimo VPN Client for Mac is the best choice for keeping your online privacy on lockdown. It offers a robust, comprehensive suite of features to ensure you’re totally protected, no matter how you’re browsing. For a limited time, you can pick up lifetime access to Shimo VPN for just $ 19 from TNW Deals. Shimo stands out from the crowd because it’s designed to ensure you’re continuously secured, no matter how you’re browsing: Take advantage of support for more protocols than any other VPN application today. Enjoy protection from the highest security standards:…

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What Successful Marketing Looks Like Today: 8 Foundational Principles [Infographic]


When you think of the basics of marketing, you might be thinking: Okay, create an awesome website; design and send some cool emails; post strategically to social media; maybe supplement with some advertising.

But what about the principles behind your campaigns? When you’re planning and doing all of these marketing activities, what motivates your decisions?

Today, the most successful marketers aren’t just crossing items off their to-do lists; they’re taking a holistic, adaptive approach to their marketing. They’re elevating the customer experience, building personalized connections, adapting to the evolution of technology, attracting customers to them using inbound marketing, and more.

When marketers take this approach, they start creating a better brand experience and driving real business results. To learn more about the eight pillars of modern marketing, check out the infographic below from Olive & Company.


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Facebook is testing a ‘Links you may like’ feature

The "Links you may like" widget on Facebook.

In a new test, Facebook has started promoting links to other sites in a “Links you may like” feature.

The post, which has a carousel design that you can scroll through horizontally, contains several articles, each with an explanation above it, such as “Based on pages you follow” or “Because you follow ‘Techmeme.’” Share and Save buttons are underneath each article, along with a down arrow that leads to an option to hide the individual article. Interestingly, there are no ads sprinkled between articles.

Clicking on the article itself, or the headline, caption, or source, brings you to the article, not a page on Facebook’s website. I’ve only come across the feature on desktop, so it’s not certain that Facebook would display a fast-loading Instant Article on mobile in case it were available.

As you can with other posts on Facebook, you can click the down arrow in the top right corner of this new type of post to hide it from your News Feed and see fewer posts like it.

Facebook confirmed the test. “People have told us they’d like more options on Facebook to discover videos, links and other updates that are relevant for them. So we’re testing a new News Feed story that lets you scroll sideways to view new updates you might find interesting,” a spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email.

This comes as Facebook takes steps to cut down on clickbait articles in the News Feed. Facebook also promotes news articles in its Trending news module, which was the subject of a political controversy.

Some people have tweeted about the new feature in the past few weeks, and not all of the feedback has been positive.

At least for me, the recommended links aren’t completely irrelevant, although I had already seen some of the information elsewhere online. It would have been nice to see comments below, but they’re not visible in the current implementation of “Links you may like.”

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Anki’s Cozmo SDK is coming this fall: Here’s what it’s like to code the robot with emotions

For grown adults, there’s no better feeling than coming across a gadget or toy that makes you feel young again – that’s what makes Anki’s newest robot, Cozmo, so charming. The robot, reminiscent of Wall-E and Eve in one body, is designed to look and feel like a Pixar character come to life. His facial animations and body movements are incredibly fun to interact with, but underneath all this cuteness are some serious robotics that Anki wants to share with developers and researchers to turn Cozmo into the ultimate learning tool. When Cozmo becomes available in October, Anki will release SDKs to let…

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Some sex toy makers have ‘reinvented’ the condom, and it looks like a Norman Foster building

There’s nothing inherently wrong with condoms, but some Swedish designers and sex toy manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to reinvent the condom by turning it into what looks like a Norman Foster creation. Called the Lelo Hex, the condom uses a honeycomb design to reinforce the strength. I got the opportunity to check out Lelo Hex at a launch party earlier this month and tried stretching and pulling the condom with all my strength, but condom managed to remain intact. Despite this design, it’s not the thinnest condom on the market. The Lelo Hex measures in at around 0.055mm thick – many…

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Let Fish Like Dory Live Happily in the Wild

Let Fish Like Dory Live Happily in the Wild

The post Let Fish Like Dory Live Happily in the Wild appeared first on PETA.

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