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LinkedIn passes 500 million member milestone

Giant cloud-based resume repository LinkedIn announced that it now has 500 million members spread across 200 countries.

For context, the company announced 400 million members back in October 2015, and 450 million members in August 2016. However, these numbers don’t tell the full story — at last count, only 25 percent of LinkedIn’s members were active on the platform every month. With this latest announcement, LinkedIn hasn’t revealed how many of the 500 million are monthly active users (MAUs), but it’s probably safe to assume that the previous 25 percent figure remains about the same.

After its $ 26 billion acquisition by Microsoft last year, LinkedIn is no longer a public company, so we may not ever get a breakdown of its active users, unless Microsoft decides to do so as part of its own earnings. As it happens, LinkedIn has lost $ 100 million since it was bought out by Microsoft.

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LinkedIn introduces lead generation forms in sponsored posts

LinkedIn has introduced a call to action feature that enables marketers to curate qualified leads from people who read their paid content on the professional social network. With LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, when a prospect clicks on a sponsored post and is interested in more information, their LinkedIn profile will be automatically populated into a form that can be submitted instantly. While these forms are not unique, what makes them interesting is that they’re built with mobile usage in mind.

“Given that 80 percent of member engagement with Sponsored Content happens on smartphones, we are confident that a mobile-first approach to Lead Gen Forms will offer advertisers the best results,” said Divye Khilnani, a group product manager at LinkedIn.

Marketers can craft a paid post, as usual, and then add a lead gen form through a setting within the campaign manager. Here, they’ll be asked to create a form template and accompanying “thank you” message. After that, targeted LinkedIn members will see the ad in their News Feed, but with a different call to action. Typically, when this is clicked, it opens a website or a post within LinkedIn. But now if a user finds the post intriguing enough, they can quickly sign up for more information without having to jump to another site to fill out a form there.

Lead gen forms are a dime a dozen, so it’s all about implementation, and LinkedIn is banking on its approach to mobile. Marketers can post ads anywhere, from LinkedIn to Facebook to Twitter or Google, but when potential leads go to the form to ask for more information, they often find the interface is awkward to use on mobile devices. LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Form appears to streamline the process to make it more likely brands will get the information they seek.

All leads are collected within LinkedIn’s campaign manager for advertisers to download, although it’s quite possible that soon the company will add integrations with Customer Relationship Management tools like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce.

The latest tool will also work well with other LinkedIn marketing solutions, such as its conversion tracking feature, which helps brands understand the return on investment, conversion count, cost-per-conversion, conversion rate, and other metrics pertaining to their ads. Combined with lead gen forms, it’s possible for marketers to assess how effective their campaigns are at every step, from attracting impressions to actual click-throughs and conversion.

“Lead Gen Forms are an important milestone in our continued efforts to help marketers drive even greater ROI from their lead gen campaigns…” Khilnani said. “With each step we take, we aim to make it simpler to build your business, measure your return, and optimize for the results that matter with LinkedIn Sponsored Content.”

Right now, sponsored content campaigns that use lead gen forms will be found on LinkedIn’s mobile app, but there are plans to expand the service to the desktop “in the coming months.” Additionally, the company expects advertisers to be able to use the lead gen forms within InMail campaigns later this year.

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The Most Shared Phrases and Topics on LinkedIn [New Q3 Data]

LinkedIn Popular Content.jpg

LinkedIn is best known as the world’s largest professional network — in other words, users aren’t there to look at cat memes or read celebrity gossip. Instead, they’re looking to connect with people in their industry, network, keep up with industry news, and look potential job opportunities.

For marketers, paying attention to this difference in user purpose is key when building your social strategy. The more looped in you are on what people are talking about, the easier it becomes to use that information to craft helpful, targeted content. And that’s where this data study comes in.

My company, ClearVoice, recently conducted a study that provides data and insight specifically on the most popular posts on LinkedIn. The data was generated by Content Studio — our comprehensive index of the most popular content and influencers on the web — and includes insights from the third quarter of 2016. 

Want to build these trends into your LinkedIn strategy? I’ll walk you through them below.

Top 20 Most Common Phrases on LinkedIn

Here are the top 20 most common phrases in headlines used on LinkedIn, followed by the number of shares that phrase received in the third quarter of 2016:

  • Successful People: 91,729
  • Right Now: 88,182
  • First Time: 76,578
  • Job Interview: 72,357
  • Best Employees: 70,964
  • Best Reasons: 68,167
  • Employees Quit: 66,773
  • Finally Offering: 61,468
  • Science Says: 53,756
  • Study Finds: 43,810
  • Next Big: 41,740
  • People Want: 47,808
  • Helps One: 31,433
  • Work Helps: 31,433
  • Crazy Hours: 31,319
  • Stop Touting: 31,113
  • Touting Crazy: 31,288
  • Make Better: 31,113
  • Now Available: 31,019
  • Announce Shares: 30,309

How to Put the Data to Work:

To make the most of this insight, you’ll want to build a LinkedIn-specific strategy with these popular phrases in mind. To help you navigate that process, check out the following best practices and tips:

  • Use the phrases (naturally) in your titles. According to HubSpot, “How Successful People Stay Calm” by Dr. Travis Bradberry was once one of the most-shared LinkedIn posts of all time, with nearly 2,000 shares. Notice it includes that popular phrase “successful people” in a natural way.
  • Rework existing titles. Your content doesn’t have to be new for you to incorporate these findings. Let’s say you want to republish part of your whitepaper, titled “SEO Strategies for 2016,” on LinkedIn. Instead of publishing as is, rework that title to include a popular search phrase — for example: “New SEO Strategies to Try Right Now.”
  • Put quality first. These phrases won’t increase shares if you don’t have many connections or produce poor content. In fact, there are plenty of articles that use these phrases and still don’t perform. To avoid falling into that trap, use these phrases to improve the reach of your high-quality content.

Top 20 Topics Shared on LinkedIn

ClearVoice also looked at the top 20 topics LinkedIn users share most often, which offers a snapshot of the current content-sharing landscape. As these keywords tend to fluctuate in real time based on what’s going on in the news and in pop culture, this is an area you will want to check regularly. 

Here are the top 20 topics found in the titles of the most-shared content on LinkedIn:

  • Social Media: 323,535
  • Real Estate: 115,577
  • Big Data: 113,750
  • Internet of Things: 78,418
  • Artificial Intelligence: 71,578
  • Virtual Reality: 71,108
  • Machine Learning: 68,334
  • Content Marketing: 66,951
  • Performance Evaluation: 60,841
  • Data Center: 50,928
  • Customer Experience: 50,267
  • Pokémon Go: 48,670
  • Emotional Intelligence: 46,887
  • Digital Transformation: 46,186
  • Open Source: 43,558
  • Digital Marketing: 42,525
  • 5-hour rule: 40,423

How to Put the Data to Work:

Start by looking at the topics on our list and note which ones are related to your industry. Don’t try to create content on topics that do not make sense for your brand.

For example, Pokémon Go was extremely popular with the general population in Q3, and not surprisingly, marketers found ways to use it to their advantage — this related article managed to garner over 1,000 shares.

Let’s look at three other examples that highlight how marketers can put this data to work:

  1. Consider pairing popular topics with news. This post combined a popular topic (“social media”) with a recent news story and earned 1,000 likes in just one day. This is particularly impressive when you consider most LinkedIn users don’t go to the platform looking for celebrity news updates.
  2. Focus on popular topics that are related to your field. This post (about “machine learning,” which is the #7 most popular topic on LinkedIn) earned 259 shares.
  3. Try combining popular topics in your title. Caveat: When it makes sense. This post combined “machine learning” and “big data,” related fields which both made the most popular topics list.

How to Pair Phrases From Each List

Pairing the two data sets together will provide you with powerful headlines. For example, “How Successful People Use Social Media” or “Content Marketing Strategies that Work Right Now.”

Here are two examples of posts that used the combined power of the most popular phrases and the most popular topics:

  1. “Want to Make Better Hires? Stop Over-Policing Employee Social Media.” In addition to using the popular phrase “make better,” the title of this post also includes the popular topic “social media.”
  2. “Why should every marketer be excited by Virtual Reality right now.” This post is almost a triple whammy, using “marketer,” “right now,” and “virtual reality.” If they had added “digital” in front of “marketer,” it would have included one popular phrase and two popular topics. Either way, the double whammy seems to have worked — this post has received 345 likes and 85 shares in four months.

Ready to Boost Your LinkedIn Content Strategy?

Use this data as a starting point to create fresh, useful content that your LinkedIn audience will want to read and share. And while including these phrases in your headline or writing about these topics doesn’t guarantee high shares counts, it will give you a clear advantage, so use the information wisely.

What success have you had with including any of these terms or topics in your content? Let us know in the comments below.

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LinkedIn shifts into video, starts by letting influencers post 30-second clips


LinkedIn has decided to shift into the video space with the release of a standalone iOS app called Record that lets you use 30-second video clips to respond to curated topics established by LinkedIn’s editorial team or start your own. This offering is being made available to LinkedIn’s 500 influencers, to start, but it could gradually expand to more users.

“In addition to LinkedIn being a place to look for your next job, it’s a place to find information,” said senior product manager Jasper Sherman-Presser. He shared that the company has been investing pretty heavily in this idea, harnessing professional knowledge and helping users build a reputation around sharing things they’re interested in. The introduction of videos is another step in that direction, allowing people to share something “lightweight and easy so you’re not sitting down to type out a 1,000-word post.”

Using LinkedIn Record, influencers can cycle through topics that may be of interest, such as education policies, technology needs, artificial intelligence, or even tips for how to avoid pitfalls when pitching to venture capitalists. Then, with the app, they’ll record their thoughts on the topic, just like on Snapchat, but without the ephemerality or filters. Once a clip is done, it can be shared with LinkedIn followers.

LinkedIn Record mobile app

Videos can be shared with others, but can’t be embedded at this time, although that’s something that’s on the roadmap. Threaded replies are not supported either, meaning that influencer clips can’t be associated with one another.

If you aren’t a designated “influencer,” you will still be able to view videos from influencers that you follow right on your LinkedIn feed on the web and on mobile. What’s more, after watching the clip, you’ll be shown other related influencer-created clips about that topic. “It’s like diving into a multiple-minute panel,” as Sherman-Presser described it.

Developing a native video offering is new for LinkedIn — it has displayed video but only through Lynda.com tutorials that it picked up through an acquisition. LinkedIn explained that after a few years focused on growing its publishing platform through its acquisition of Pulse and launching an influencer program, it was time to add video into the mix.

“We’ve been kind of testing this very quietly with our influencer base, and have seen a ton of repeat usage,” Sherman-Presser shared. “For members, being able to every day come to LinkedIn and hear from people they respect at the top of their game and sharing a glimpse of their world is a success for LinkedIn.”

With all the other services that have already adopted video capabilities, to say LinkedIn is behind the curve is an understatement. Facebook and Twitter, for example, have both invested heavily in the space. Does LinkedIn plan on diving into livestreaming, just like Periscope and Facebook Live? It is in the back of the team’s mind, admits Sherman-Presser, but right now “our focus is about helping members be productive and successful…Whatever we do has to fit into how members use the product.”

LinkedIn Record is currently only available on iOS. Influencers have to use the app to post video clips — you won’t be able to use any ordinary webcam.

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