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Amid the economic gloom, some hopeful indicators emerge for marketers

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on consumer and business confidence, with various surveys reflecting pessimism and expectations of a deep and serious recession. Indeed, many economic forecasters and major investment firms project between 15% and 30% unemployment when all the layoffs are through. (At the height of the Great Depression, unemployment was 24.9%.)

But amid the gloom and doom there are several hopeful signs for marketers considering campaign strategies and expenditures that . . .  Read More

4 takeaways from Walmart’s Q1 earnings for brands, e-commerce marketers

Walmart U.S. reported total revenue of $ 134.6 billion, up 8.6% year-over-year for the first quarter in its fiscal year 2021. The financial report sheds light on the company’s shifting approach to e-commerce as well as broader consumer trends during the coronavirus pandemic.

So long, Jet.com

The biggest news? After acquiring the fledgling Jet.com for $ 3.3 billion in 2016, Walmart announced it is shuttering the e-commerce marketplace.

“Due to continued strength of the Walmart.com brand, the company . . .  Read More

A new KPI for marketers: Humanity

I’m worried.

I see the news every day, covering what’s happening in New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., in my adopted hometown of Dallas and across the country

I see stories about relatively healthy people who have died from the coronavirus. And that’s what worries me almost to the point of being scared.

Now, read my opening statement again. That is the culture and mindset that you’re marketing to today. That mindset, and many across the spectrum.

Marketing to this mindset . . .  Read More

Everything marketers need to know about BIMI: The latest email standard

For email marketers, fraud remains a persistent and serious threat to their businesses, brands and their customers.

That’s what the new Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standard aims to help fix by giving brands a way to both stand out in the inbox while ensuring fraudsters aren’t masquerading as your brand.

But as with anything new, marketers have a lot of questions about just how this new standard works. That’s why we’ve compiled the following guide.

Fighting fraud

The inundation of . . .  Read More

TikTok vs. Snapchat: A guide for marketers

TikTok is having a moment. Whether you use the app already or have spotted TikToks popping up on other social platforms, it’s clear that TikTok isn’t just another fleeting trend. It’s here to stay.

Yet it’s easy to see how someone not familiar with TikTok (ahem, your boss) might dismiss it as a Snapchat reboot. Worse, they might assume content from Snapchat can be repurposed on TikTok.

The two platforms share similar features (and yes, similar audiences) but their value . . .  Read More

Is it time marketers take more ownership over their identity resolution platforms?

U.S. marketers are expected to invest $ 2.6 billion in identity resolution programs by 2022 — a 188% increase over the course of four years, according to a Winterberry Group forecast. The growing investment underscores the function of identity programs in marketers’ customer experience and people-based marketing initiatives.

Identity resolution — the process of connecting unique customer identifiers to a single, unified customer identity — is the key ingredient for marketers . . .  Read More

Marketers struggle to stay ahead of technology advancements

When asked how difficult it will be over the coming year to stay ahead of new technological advancements, remain competent across multiple programs and avoid long-term experience debt, 88% of the CMO consultants surveyed by executive service firm Chief Outsiders said it would be difficult — with 10% claiming it will be “very” difficult.

The survey polled more than 50 of the C-level marketing consultants who serve in fractional and part-time CMO roles.

Technical difficulties. . . .  Read More

Marketers are taking greater ownership over CX initiatives: Survey

Since 2017, there has been a significant increase in the number of marketers claiming “sole responsibility” over customer experience programs, according to Gartner’s 2019 CX Management Survey. Customer journey mapping, customer personas, voice of the customer programs, and user experience are all initiatives that have seen a shift in ownership, moving from “outside marketing” business units to the marketing department.

As follow up to its 2017 CX report, Gartner surveyed . . .  Read More

Pinterest Trends gives marketers a view of the top U.S. searches on the platform

Pinterest Trends, a new tool that will provide an overview of the top U.S. search terms over the past 12 months along with data on when those search terms peaked, has begun rolling out, the company announced on Tuesday.

Why we care

Google Trends has long been a resource marketers have relied on to gauge trends and seasonal interest in topics. Pinterest Trends will offer another set of keyword trend data, specifically around the categories it caters to such as food, home and fashion. More insight into search . . .  Read More

Email marketers: Keep growing, but also take the time to teach others

It has been a heck of a year for email marketers – not just professionally but for the industry at large. I’ve worked with an amazing collection of clients from disparate industries, from a direct-mail firm to a massive health care business to start-ups and established businesses.

They all have one thing in common: a continuing, constant yearning to get better at email for their companies and their customers. This gives me hope for 2020, not just in the email space but in our professions . . .  Read More