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Amazon Leases Their Own Jets


As Amazon keeps growing, they look to lower their incremental costs. Their latest strategy is to lease their own jets to doing shipping in-house. How will this affect the big shippers like UPS and FedEx? Will they lower rates to compete, benefiting smaller merchants?

Move Over, FedEx – Here Comes Amazon

Amazon has been negotiating a lease for 20 Boeing 767 jets as it executes on plans to start its own air cargo business, according to recent reports. It launched a pilot of the service in Wilmington, Ohio, where Air Transport Services Group, or ATSG, has been managing airfreight on Amazon’s behalf, according to The Seattle Times. The activity in Wilmington caught the attention of Vice’s Motherboard, which learned that ATSG had moved into the Wilmington Air Park under contract with an unnamed…
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Target and Others Miss the Mark on Cyber Monday

Target Misses Mark

Internet retail sites experienced record traffic this past Cyber Monday. Target wasn’t prepared. PayPal went down. Neiman Marcus and Victoria’s Secret also experienced outages over the Black Friday through Cyber Monday weekend. Need some help, guys?

Target’s Website Misses the Mark on Cyber Monday

Target’s website traffic hit a wall when a record number of shoppers showed up in search of Cyber Monday bargains. Having offered a 15 percent discount for any purchase made through the site, Target began to experience problems shortly after 10 a.m. It then placed customers in a virtual queue that effectively held their place in line so they would not lose their purchase orders after refreshing their page. The company posted an apology to customers on its Twitter page, noting that traffic was
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If You Can’t Compete on Price, Compete on Customer Experience

Customer Care

If you are a smaller retailer, it can be difficult to compete against the bigger companies on price. Instead, focus on something that can really differentiate you – customer experience.

Stop Competing on Price, Start Competing on Customer Experience

Target may be implementing price matching, but there are other ways to compete. Customer experience is the new battleground in retail sales, and winning this battle requires winning over customers with truly personalized service. Despite all the advancements in technology, from personalized retargeting to the newest in CRM technologies, personalized customer service and efforts to build customer loyalty have all but disappeared. Forty-four percent of consumers Avaya and BT Research surveyed in
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The Internet of Things is Coming

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is not just a popular current buzz phrase. More everyday things are becoming connected to the Internet. This interconnectivity will make things more convenient for us, but it also faces some challenges. Among them are security, integration, and interoperability with legacy systems.

Internet of Things Makes Enterprise Headway

The Internet of Things is poised to soar in the enterprise, a new survey from IDC indicates, with the planning stage rapidly shifting to deployment. Nearly 73 percent of about 2,500 respondents to the firm’s IoT Decision Maker Survey said they already had deployed IoT solutions or would do so within the next year, the firm reported Tuesday. The survey respondents came from 15 countries, including the U.S., Brazil, China, India and Germany. They represented enterprises with 500 or more employees
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Will Drone Delivery for Ecommerce Ever Take Off?


When Amazon announced it was investigating drone package delivery back in 2014, many thought it was a joke. It turned out Amazon was serious. And now other ecommerce merchants are investigating this form of delivery. There are several obstacles that must be overcome, though, before this concept can become reality. Although not impossible, I think the dangers of drones flying all around us might be too big of a risk to make this idea fly. What do you think?

8 Obstacles to Drone Delivery, for Ecommerce

The military has used drones for years, for a variety of missions. Now ecommerce retailers are evaluating their use. Consumer research firm eDigitalResearch conducted a survey that found that 33 percent of online shoppers are open to using drones to speed up the delivery of their orders. Another study conducted by Walker Sands Communications reported that 66 percent of the surveyed American consumers think that online merchants will use drones for delivery within the next five years. Consumers
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How to Track PayPal Transactions in Google Analytics

If you accept PayPal for payment on your Website and also use Google Analytics, you’ll want to make sure you are tracking your ecommerce conversions by following these instructions.

Google Analytics: How to Track PayPal Transactions

It is a headache tracking PayPal transactions in Google Analytics. There are currently no options for placing Google Analytics tracking code on PayPal’s pages. This makes the measurement of conversions and acquisition sources in Google Analytics challenging when customers pay with PayPal. Typically, PayPal transactions are only measured in Google Analytics when customers complete purchases through PayPal and then return to the order confirmation page on a website. In this scenario, ecommerce…
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Amazon Rolls Out New Marketplace for Startups

Can Amazon compete with Shopify, BigCommerce, and Volusion?

This week Amazon unveiled a new program geared towards startups called Amazon Launchpad, which will help entrepreneurs “launch, market and distribute their products.” Similar to other ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce, entrepreneurs will be able to use the platform to set up a storefront, providing users a simple onboarding process, custom product pages, inventory management and marketing materials. But what may give Amazon an advantage is its audience and fulfillment capabilities. The website has millions of monthly visitors, allowing entrepreneurs the chance to get in front of a massive audience without spending a ton on marketing expenses.
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