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Tech’s Biggest Losers and Winners this Earnings Season

Stock Market

Stocks have been taking a beating for a while now. Even some of the bigger tech companies got hit hard this past earnings season. But a few made some gains.

Tech’s 10 biggest losers and 5 biggest winners this earnings season

The past few weeks have not brought the rosiest of earnings seasons in Tech Land. In fact, while it’s often difficult to draw sweeping conclusions from a single quarter, the parade of financial earnings seems to point toward a long year ahead for public technology companies. (Note to unicorns eyeing the IPO market: Be afraid. Be very afraid.) The tech-heavy NASDAQ is down almost 15 percent from the start of the year. In several specific cases, the earnings reports delivered brutal verdict…
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Sony Demos New PlayStation VR

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is hot right now, and there are some pretty cool things being developed. Although the PlayStation VR demo didn’t go as planned, it did show what is coming to the gaming world.

Sony shows a PlayStation VR demo on a big stage

Sony’s Richard Marks showed off the PlayStation VR system at the PlayStation Experience fan event in San Francisco. Debuting next spring, the PlayStation VR is Sony’s entry in the hot field of virtual reality, which is expected to be a $30 billion business by 2020. Marks’ two-person demo didn’t work as planned, but it showed that two people could occupy the same virtual space and throw disks at each other. Most demos of VR games have been single-player experiences. Sony
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Virtual Reality is Here with Samsung Gear VR

Virtual Reality

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Samsung has created a new virtual reality product called Samsung Gear VR.

For better or worse, consumer virtual reality is here with the Samsung Gear VR

The second generation of virtual reality is now officially a full-blown consumer product. We can no longer linger around the outer rim of virtual reality, dipping our toes into the water, while holding a Google Cardboard box over our eyes and exclaiming, “This is the future of consumer entertainment!” The idea is no longer the future. It’s the now. And Samsung has taken it upon itself to be an early pioneer of this new world with its Samsung Gear VR unit. It’s a legit ha
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Facebook Attempts to Kill Phone Numbers

Facebook Messenger

If Facebook has its way, phone numbers will be a thing of the past.

Facebook updates Messenger with Message Requests, attempts to kill phone numbers

Facebook is starting to roll out a new way for people to contact you without needing your phone number. All they’ll need is your name and Facebook Messenger. As a consequence of such action, your message inbox will be consolidated so that you won’t have that “Other Folder” anymore, and you can accept or ignore new requests without the sender noticing. In a post by Messenger head David Marcus, only those messages you receive from those you’re connected to on the soc
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Amazon Announces a Bunch of New Products for AWS


Amazon is on a roll with new products for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Here are the latest announcements.

Everything Amazon announced at AWS re:Invent 2015 so far

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the biggest public cloud available today, loves to announce one new service after another during keynotes at its annual re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. This week is no different. In two hours AWS packed its first re:Invent keynote today with announcements of — deep breath — QuickSight, Kinesis Firehose, Snowball, the Database Migration Service, the Schema Conversion Tool, the MariaDB database engine, Config Rules, and Inspector. Oh, and senior vice pres
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Digital Wallets and Smart Packaging for Marketers


Here are some emerging technologies that marketers will want to learn more about.

Marketers, two new channels are opening up

Two ways of holding things are being reinvented into key components of emerging marketing channels. Goodbye, wallets and product boxes. Hello, digital wallets and smart packaging. In recent discussions with two chief technology officers (CTOs) pioneering these avenues, it’s clear these technologies are reaching the point where marketers and advertisers have to begin including them alongside such common channels as email, digital ads, viral campaigns, and TV. Marketers know about digital walle
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The Internet of Things is Coming

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is not just a popular current buzz phrase. More everyday things are becoming connected to the Internet. This interconnectivity will make things more convenient for us, but it also faces some challenges. Among them are security, integration, and interoperability with legacy systems.

Internet of Things Makes Enterprise Headway

The Internet of Things is poised to soar in the enterprise, a new survey from IDC indicates, with the planning stage rapidly shifting to deployment. Nearly 73 percent of about 2,500 respondents to the firm’s IoT Decision Maker Survey said they already had deployed IoT solutions or would do so within the next year, the firm reported Tuesday. The survey respondents came from 15 countries, including the U.S., Brazil, China, India and Germany. They represented enterprises with 500 or more employees
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Amazon to Sell a $50 Tablet


Amazon’s disastrous Fire Phone launch failed to gain consumer adoption. Now it looks like they are taking another tactic to gain more Prime subscribers – a $50 tablet.

Report: Amazon to Build Cut-Rate Slate

Amazon plans to offer a US$50 tablet in time for the holiday shopping season, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people privy to the company’s plans. The 6-inch tablet would sell for half the price of the Fire HD 6. A $50 price point would make a tablet disposable to some and finally affordable to others — points apparently not lost on Amazon. Though there’s no argument it would be a killer price point, there remains the question of quality in a tablet with features cut to limbo under th
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Windows 10

Windows 10 is Now Running on Over 75 Million Computers

Less than a month after general release, Windows 10 now has over 75 million installations. I’ve installed it on some of my computers, but not all yet. It looks well-designed, but my only gripe so far is the way it handles Internet Favorites/Bookmarks. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to synchronize the new Microsoft Edge browser Favorites across other browsers and computers. This is a big miss, Microsoft! What has been your experience with Windows 10?

Windows 10 Is Running On 75 Million PCs

If nothing else, Microsoft is getting Windows 10 onto computers. Yousef Mehdi, corporate vice president of the Windows and Devices Group, unleashed a series of tweets on Twitter with a ton of Win10 stats:  More than 75 million computers are running the new operating system, which became available on July 29. The operating system […]
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Sprint Ditches 2 Year Contracts on Smartphones

I’ve been using Sprint for many years, but I’m not sure if I’m going to like this. I guess I’ll be leasing my next Galaxy S.

Sprint Ditching 2 Year Contracts for Smartphones

Sprint becomes the latest wireless carrier to drop two-year contracts. Sprint says it’s shifting entirely to a model where customers lease their phones instead of buying them at a discount! This now means paying full price for your phone or leasing it will be only ways to buy a new phone from Sprint. The company says 51% of customers who bought a new phone last quarter used the lease option. Sprint is also unveiling a new plan, called iPhone forever. For $22 a month, you can upgrade to the newe…
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