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A Quick Way to Help Animals


Take a look at how you can help animals in a few simple steps. Please share with your friends.

How Many Animals Can You Save in 60 Seconds?

Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. Want to help animals but are short on time? If you answered yes, this is the page for you. All you need to do is text a keyword to 73822* for each action below—and voilà! You’ll either sign a pledge or send an e-mail to a company’s CEO. Check out the issues that you can take action on: *Message and Data Rates May Apply. Text STOP to end, text HELP for info. Periodic Messaging. For C
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Mobile Users Spend 90% of Time in Apps and 10% in Browsers

Mobile Usage

As smartphone use still continues growing strong, studies show that users are trending toward spending less time in their browsers, and more time in apps. Responsive design may not be enough; you may also need an app.

Yahoo: The Decline Of The Mobile Browser Is A Threat To Search

Earlier this week Yahoo held its second Mobile Developer Conference in New York. This was the East Coast version of its inaugural developer conference held in San Francisco earlier this year. As part of that event, which I did not attend, Simon Khalaf, Yahoo’s SVP Publishing Products, took the stage to deliver a kind of “state of mobile” talk that was full of data. The highlights are reproduced in a Tumblr post. Yahoo reported that time with apps continues to grow, while mobil
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9 Email Marketing Trends

Email Marketing

CC BY by melenita2012

Here are the latest email marketing trends. Make sure you are aware of them when building your email campaigns.

Are You Gearing Up To Meet Email Marketing Trends?

Below are nine drivers of change and trends you must anticipate and prepare for if you want to remain competitive — and to keep email a valuable and viable channel. 1. The “customer journey.” It’s the big marketing buzzword this year, but for good reason. Knowing your customer journey drives many decisions: e.g., is email or another channel best for responding to customer behavior? To get that 360-degree view, you must map the journey in collaboration with all of the departments in your compan
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Beware of What You Click

Ad Fraud Projected to Cost Advertisers Over $6 Billion This Year

This is a growing problem for both advertisers and consumers alike. Ad networks need to take this problem seriously, and implement stricter measures for combating ad fraud.

Malvertising Headache Swells to Migraine Proportions

Online advertising that pushes malicious software to consumers has increased 325 percent over the past year, Cyphort Labs reported Tuesday. Malvertising is adding to what is already a significant problem for online advertisers. Ad fraud will cost global advertisers more than US$6 billion this year, according to the Association of National Advertisers. Although malicious advertising first appeared on the scene a scant eight years ago, the expanding breadth of online advertising has led to an exp
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Mobile Payments

Samsung Pay to be Available for Select Galaxy S6 and Note 5 Users

Samsung has come up with a mobile payment platform to compete head-on with Apple and Google.

Samsung starts testing its Apple Pay competitor in the U.S.

Samsung Pay is now being beta-tested in the U.S. The new digital payment method will be available to select owners of Galaxy devices including the S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, and the Note 5. Samsung Pay allows users to upload credit card information to their phone and use it as a way to pay at credit card-accepting retailers. Samsung claims that users can pay with their phone at 90 percent of retail locations in the U.S. The new payment feature is an attempt to compete with Apple, Google, an
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Facebook Videos

Facebook Cracking Down on Freebooting

Facebook has been making significant efforts to entice users to post native videos and create video ads in an attempt to compete with YouTube. Unfortunately, this has also resulted in growing video piracy on the social network.

Facebook Signals That It Will Start Cracking Down On Video Piracy

Facebook’s meteoric growth in video — from afterthought to more than 4 billion daily views in less than a year — has come with some controversy. There’s been grousing that a three-second glimpse of autoplay video in the News Feed isn’t enough time to register a significant view. More damningly, there have been accusations that much of Facebook’s video surge has been built by people stealing content and uploading it on Facebook, one study finding that pirated …
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Windows 10

Windows 10 is Now Running on Over 75 Million Computers

Less than a month after general release, Windows 10 now has over 75 million installations. I’ve installed it on some of my computers, but not all yet. It looks well-designed, but my only gripe so far is the way it handles Internet Favorites/Bookmarks. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to synchronize the new Microsoft Edge browser Favorites across other browsers and computers. This is a big miss, Microsoft! What has been your experience with Windows 10?

Windows 10 Is Running On 75 Million PCs

If nothing else, Microsoft is getting Windows 10 onto computers. Yousef Mehdi, corporate vice president of the Windows and Devices Group, unleashed a series of tweets on Twitter with a ton of Win10 stats:  More than 75 million computers are running the new operating system, which became available on July 29. The operating system […]
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Social Media

How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post

Here is a great infographic that shows you how to create the perfect social media post, whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, or Vine.

The Tricks to Creating the Perfect Social Media Post (Infographic)

Does the perfect social media post exist? If it did, this hypothetical post would publish at exactly the right moment to optimize organic reach and engagement. It would be written in the precise tone and voice that would garner positive audience response. And it would capture some sentiment or zeitgeist-y thing in such an authentic way that your audience would have no choice but to share it. Does it exist? Probably—but it’s so rare, so elusive that its pursuit has become the markete…
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ASPCA Kitten Nursery Cares for 1,000th Kitten

It’s always nice to see some good news like this. Thanks to all of those who support the ASPCA, as well as the dedicated workers who care for these animals, over 1,000 kittens now have a chance at a happy life. Keep up the great work!

Cause for Celebration: ASPCA Kitten Nursery Cares for its 1,000th Kitten

Caregivers and staff at the ASPCA Kitten Nursery celebrated an exciting milestone this week: 1,000 kittens have now come through the specialized care facility since its opening this past May. “The commitment, dedication, and round-the-clock hard work that staff has given these fragile kittens is why we’re here today,” said Gail Buchwald, Senior Vice President of the ASPCA Adoption Center. Rather than draw attention to just one particular cat during the celebration, the team instead focus…
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Internet Marketing Tools

99 Internet Marketing Tools You Should Know

Here are a bunch of online marketing tools that can help you get your job done. They are broken out by category – PPC, SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Analytics & Conversion Optimization.

99 Online Marketing Tools You Won’t Be Able To Live Without

Our friends at Internet Marketing Ninjas offer several free SEO tools that might help you with your technical SEO work. Tools available include a broken …
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