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Pinnipeds Are Prisoners in Marine Parks


Do you know what is a pinniped? And do you know that they suffer in marine parks, too?

Just Like Orcas, Pinnipeds Are Prisoners in Marine Parks

The orcas at SeaWorld get a lot of attention, but it’s important to remember that there are other animals being held captive in marine parks around the country, and many of them are suffering, too. Pinnipeds constitute the extant (those presently living, i.e., the opposite of extinct) species of fin-footed mammals: “True” seals (seals without visible ears), sea lions (with visible ears), and walruses are all pinnipeds. Various pinnipeds are currently held captive in…
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Tiny Heart, Big Love


Here’s a nice story about one lucky kitten. Make a gift to the ASPCA to support more kittens like Valeria.

Tiny Heart, Big Love: ASPCA Kitten Nursery Helps Save Valeria’s Life

At three weeks old, most kittens are snuggling with their mothers, opening their eyes for the first time and starting to explore the world. But Valeria is not like most kittens: At just three weeks old, the tiny black-and-white baby was injured, abandoned and left to die.It was early October when it happened. A very cruel person put Valeria—who didn’t even weigh a single pound—into a brown paper bag and threw her out of a moving car’s window. Had she not been discovered by a Good …
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A Perfect Place for Penelope


Here’s another great adoption story from the ASPCA. Looking for a pet? Adopt!

ASPCA Happy Tails: A Perfect Place for Penelope

After falling from the window of a high rise building in the Bronx, New York, Penelope the cat was rescued from neglect and taken to the ASPCA. Despite physical injuries—and emotional scars—the five-year-old Calico had a lot of love to give and was eager to find a safe, happy home of her own. After two months under our care, this fearless feline did just that. Here is her story.The NYPD rescued Penelope after her fall and brought her to the ASPCA Animal Hospital. Although her experience was
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Adopt a Senior Pet this November

Senior Pets

Are you looking for that perfect companion pet? A senior pet can be a great choice. They are already trained, are calmer and more obedient, and can give a great amount of love!

November Is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

Here at the ASPCA, we think senior pets are great—that’s why we’re thrilled that November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month! If you’re thinking of adding a furry friend to your family, please consider opening your heart and home to an older cat or dog in need.Kittens and puppies are adorable, but older pets are just as loving and loyal as their younger counterparts. Plus, adopting an older animal companion comes with some cool perks! Grown-up pets don’t require the constant monitoring that
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A Little Help Goes a Long Way at Kentucky Animal Shelter


Way to go, Cameron!

A Little Help Goes a Long Way at Kentucky Shelter

Ten-year-old Cameron Whitaker is enjoying a moment of local celebrity this month after organizing a successful dog food drive for Henry Trimble Animal Shelter in Sulphur, Kentucky.This past spring, the ASPCA shared a letter about Coconut, a Maltese puppy who received treatment at the ASPCA Animal Hospital after being struck by a car and left for dead.  The letter arrived at Cameron’s parents’ house, and when he read the story, he thought about his own dog—Penny. It was difficult forCamer
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Massachusetts Farm Animals Ballot Measure to Help Curb Abuse

Farm Animals

Here’s some good news for farm animals in Massachusetts. If this passes, Massachusetts will join 10 other states that have already passed laws to crack down on farm animal abuse. Join the ASCPA Advocacy Brigade to stay up to date and offer your help.

Big News for Massachusetts Farm Animals! 2016 Ballot Measure Will Help Curb Abuse

In the veal industry, calves are often confined and tethered by their necks, rendered virtually immobile for nearly all of their short lives. Female breeding pigs face a similar fate: Confined to gestation crates, pregnant pigs cannot take more than one step in any direction. But if voters get their say, that may soon change in Massachusetts.This morning, animal advocates gathered in Boston as Citizens for Farm Animal Protection, a coalition of animal welfare groups including the ASPCA, announc…
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ASPCA Kitten Nursery Cares for 1,000th Kitten

It’s always nice to see some good news like this. Thanks to all of those who support the ASPCA, as well as the dedicated workers who care for these animals, over 1,000 kittens now have a chance at a happy life. Keep up the great work!

Cause for Celebration: ASPCA Kitten Nursery Cares for its 1,000th Kitten

Caregivers and staff at the ASPCA Kitten Nursery celebrated an exciting milestone this week: 1,000 kittens have now come through the specialized care facility since its opening this past May. “The commitment, dedication, and round-the-clock hard work that staff has given these fragile kittens is why we’re here today,” said Gail Buchwald, Senior Vice President of the ASPCA Adoption Center. Rather than draw attention to just one particular cat during the celebration, the team instead focus…
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Dog Blood Saves Cat’s Life

This lucky little cat got a second chance at life – thanks to a dog, a creative vet, and some great people at the ASPCA. Donate to the ASPCA now and help other animals like Jellybean.

Severely Injured and Poisoned: Dog Blood Saves Cat’s Life

The ASPCA saves animals’ lives almost every single day, but Jellybean’s case was different from the start. The two-year-old tabby arrived at the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) in April with a severe neck wound caused by an embedded collar; his skin and tissue were growing over and around the collar and through the metal ring of the buckle. Following a delicate surgical procedure, during which the embedded collar was carefully cut open and removed, the bright orange cat was named Jellybean for …
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Never Leave Your Pet Alone in Your Car

Check out and share this new infographic from the ASPCA. It explains why you should never leave a pet in a car, and what you should do if you see an animal in a car on a hot day.

It's Hot Out! Don't Leave Your Pet in the Car!