Cubby with Teddy Bear

My Dear Cubby

I remember the moment that I very first saw you. You caught my attention immediately. You were just a little ball of fur, less than three months old. I asked if we could take you out of your enclosure and spend time with you.

Right away, you impressed us with your playfulness, your curiosity, your ability to fetch a ball and return it to us, and your desire to come to us when called. I knew then and there that you were a super special dog and that we had to adopt you.

Your unique personality soon developed. I was constantly amazed by your intelligence. You soon learned every command and trick that I could think of, and also developed your own tricks when asked. You always liked healthy foods, and you loved your fruit and vegetable treats. You were also the perfect model when asked to pose for a photo.

You always seemed to understand everything I said to you, and you astonished me when you could even read my thoughts before I spoke. All I had to do was think of going for a walk and you perked up and got ready to go.

When Muffy came into our lives, you soon became her adopted older brother and role model. You taught her the difference between right and wrong and how to grow into a good dog. You taught her how to use the treadmill so we could all exercise together. You showed her love and patience, even when she was moody.

My mother also loved you very much. You gave her so much happiness by spending time with her, and you were there to comfort her during her trying times and her last days.

You always protected us and showed us love. Whenever we went to the dog park or to the dog beach, it didn’t matter if an aggressive dog who was over ten times your size approached. Demonstrating confidence and courage, you always stood your ground and knew how to handle the situation, putting the other dog in his place.

If you wanted something, you knew how to get it. Your persistence and dedication to your cause was very admirable and effective. But you were also very thoughtful of others, and you always put your loved ones first. You reminded me how to be a better man.

I miss you deeply. I miss you by my side in my office while I’m working. I miss going for walks and going to the park with you. I miss watching movies with you (Godzilla was one of your favorites). I miss you coming into my office to tell me dinner is ready. I miss you bringing your teddy bear to tell me it is time for bed.

You were such an amazing, smart, fun, happy, loving, caring, selfless, and thoughtful dog. When you told us it was your time to go, you held on until we were together and holding you in our arms. You waited until we told you it was OK to go and that we would be OK. Shortly thereafter, you took your last breath.

My dear Cubby, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have spent our lives together. Thank you for the love and joy you brought to my life. I will always love you more than words can express. I know you are now together again with my mother, and that someday we will all be together again.

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