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A Customer Service Exchange That Went Viral

Customer Service

Remember that just one good deed for a customer can win her over for life.

This Surprising Customer Service Exchange Has Gone Viral

Customer complaints are the norm on social media, but a recent Facebook post shows positive interactions can easily go viral. Kelly Blue Kinkel bought a winter coat from online retailer Zulily before Christmas. When she decided not to keep the purchase, she contacted the company to see how to return it. That’s when, she says, the representative she spoke with gave a shocking response. She posted about the exchange on Facebook: “I spoke with a sweet young man named Patrick, and he…
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Extraordinary Email Subject Lines


If you want your readers to open your emails, you need to have a great subject line.

Email Subject Lines: Think Beyond the Ordinary

As persons of discernment in business practices, we must be judicious in what we say, when we say it, and to whom we say it. This is especially true in email marketing where we have essentially created a permanent record of what we’ve said. Still, there are times when stepping off the beaten path might be just the thing to get the engagement we need from our communications. That’s especially true when it comes to email subject lines. Here are a five hypothetical examples, for your…
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6 Website Design Trends to Use in 2016

Web Design

If you design websites, you should be aware of these trends for 2016.

6 Web Design Trends for 2016

Web design trends are never static but change constantly. Here are six new trends that you can expect to see in 2016. Many websites have utilized rotating banners over the past few years as a way to provide imagery, movement, and content on a home page while not overwhelming users with too much material on their first view. It is becoming more apparent, however, that people don’t notice the banners and will, consequently, skip the content. Studies show that a phenomenon known as…
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Why Your Email Marketing Efforts Are Not Effective


Do you struggle to get your readers to open your email, or to take action after opening? Then you might want to read this.

6 Reasons Your Email Marketing Efforts Are Not Effective

At one time, email seemed the best way to reach customers in an Internet-connected era. However, over time, customers have grown accustomed to filtering through dozens of email messages to find those that are interesting. When combined with spam filters and Gmail’s Promotions folder, marketers face big challenges in reaching customers. If you’re still launching mass email campaigns without fine-tuning your strategy, you may have noticed your results are disappointing. Despite…
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8 Psychological Insights That Will Improve Your Marketing


It’s important to understand psychology when trying to motivate. And marketing is all about motivating people to take action.

8 Psychological Insights Into the Brain That Will Improve Your Marketing

The better you understand the human mind, the better you’ll be able to persuade customers to convert. And, if you think about it, marketing is really about applied psychology. What this means is that buyers act in certain ways because they’re wired to do so. The mind’s cognitive biases, tendencies and proclivities all play a role in the marketing process. When it comes to the psychology of purchasing…
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5 Low Cost Marketing Strategies

Low Cost Marketing

Marketing costs a lot of money, right? Well, there are low cost strategies as well.

You Don’t Need Much Cash to Implement These 5 Essential Marketing Strategies

When your business first launches, it’s important to build a good foundation for growth. You need to make your business visible, start attracting a first round of customers, and start creating a reputation that will carry your brand forward — hopefully for many years. Unfortunately, new business owners face a number of unique marketing challenges that their more-established counterparts have long forgotten about.
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Try These 5 Steps to Get Higher Conversion Rates


Most online marketers struggle to get their website visitors to take action. Here are some strategies to try. And check out the videos below for more Internet marketing tips.

5 Steps to Higher Website Conversion Rates

Your website conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who actually make a purchase. Increasing that rate can boost your sales dramatically, even without spending extra money to draw more traffic to your site. Here is a five-step process for improving your website conversion rate. It is nearly impossible to make good decisions without hard facts. Therefore, the first step is to collect and organize the data you need to decide what is currently working for you and what you need to change.
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Pinnipeds Are Prisoners in Marine Parks


Do you know what is a pinniped? And do you know that they suffer in marine parks, too?

Just Like Orcas, Pinnipeds Are Prisoners in Marine Parks

The orcas at SeaWorld get a lot of attention, but it’s important to remember that there are other animals being held captive in marine parks around the country, and many of them are suffering, too. Pinnipeds constitute the extant (those presently living, i.e., the opposite of extinct) species of fin-footed mammals: “True” seals (seals without visible ears), sea lions (with visible ears), and walruses are all pinnipeds. Various pinnipeds are currently held captive in…
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What You Don’t Know About Octopuses


Octopuses are amazing creatures. They are considered to be the most intelligent invertebrates.

Octopuses: Eight-Legged Einsteins of the Deep

Animals are not oursto eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. Octopuses are one of the planet’s most unique animals—but only now are people awakening to just how amazing and worthy of our protection they are. Octopuses are playful, resourceful, and inquisitive. Some species cuddle with one another, while others have been known to bond with humans. They are among the most highly evolved invertebrates and are considered by many biologists to be…
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Explaining The Crash of Chinese Equities

Chinese Stock

If you have invested in Chinese stocks or ETFs over the last year, you’ve experienced a strong downturn in recent months. Here’s why.

The Real Reason Behind The Crash Of Chinese Equities

Anyone searching for answers to the collapse of the Shanghai Composite Index in recent months needs to look beyond circuit breakers and heavy-handed government intervention to chronic manufacturing deflation. China’s Producer Price Index (CPPP) has been on a decline for eighteen years, and on a free fall for the last four […]
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