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How to Create the Perfect Social Media Calendar

Social Media

Like any other marketing technique, social media marketing should be planned out. Here’s how to create a social media calendar.

The Must-Use Guide for Creating the Perfect Social Media Calendar

Social media is hard! And building an audience even harder! (We even wrote about it!) Hard does not mean impossible and it certainly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun along the way nor try and make the process as painless as possible. That’s where a social media calendar comes in… I know you weren’t expecting that! Well ok maybe it’s not the answer to everything, but it can certainly help you get a better handle on things and remove some of the stress…
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How One Company Got 1,025 Likes, 485 Shares and 50 Comments on Facebook In 7 Days


Having difficulty getting customer engagement on Facebook? Here’s how one company did it.

How My Company Got 1,025 Likes, 485 Shares and 50 Comments on Facebook In 7 Days

The world has definitely changed — and so too has the art of advertising in business.  We pre-launched Reader’s Legacy six months ago but decided that it was time to start our publicity campaign on February 1. Over the past six months, we have had many discussions on where we will start spending our advertising dollars. We are still in the middle of a major fundraising campaign, but we knew that we had to start driving people, who loved to read, to our…
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Instagram Adds View Counts to Videos

Facebook wants more advertisers to use video advertising on Instagram in order to compete with YouTube.

Why Instagram Is Adding View Counts to Videos

Instagram is to show how many views a video has received in a bid by the Facebook-owned service to compete with rivals such a Google for advertising dollars. Videos posted on Instagram will now show a view count where the number of likes used to be, similar to the way Facebook shows the number of views on its site and app. The idea, according to analysts, is to attract more brands and content producers – which has been YouTube’s tactic for a while – to platforms like Facebook…
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3 Ways to Use Content to Convert Social Media Fans Into Customers

Social Media

It’s not enough to post quality content. You need to persuade people to click, share, and link to your content.

3 Ways Content Can Convert Social Media Fans Into Customers

Social media is great, but with so many people and posts, it’s easy for even a practiced online marketer to feel overwhelmed. The volume of content can keep you scrolling and scrolling, with no end in sight. High-quality content is mandatory if you want social media users to become regular visitors and customers. Content is king, and high-quality content is the only way to endear yourself to search engines. Google demands high quality content—and since Google commands 31 percent of…
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Tech’s Biggest Losers and Winners this Earnings Season

Stock Market

Stocks have been taking a beating for a while now. Even some of the bigger tech companies got hit hard this past earnings season. But a few made some gains.

Tech’s 10 biggest losers and 5 biggest winners this earnings season

The past few weeks have not brought the rosiest of earnings seasons in Tech Land. In fact, while it’s often difficult to draw sweeping conclusions from a single quarter, the parade of financial earnings seems to point toward a long year ahead for public technology companies. (Note to unicorns eyeing the IPO market: Be afraid. Be very afraid.) The tech-heavy NASDAQ is down almost 15 percent from the start of the year. In several specific cases, the earnings reports delivered brutal verdict…
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Facebook Says Video Ads Should Be Silent


It makes sense. People are browsing their Facebook feed while at work, in restaurants, etc. Don’t make them close your video by using loud sound.

Why Facebook Says Your Video Ads Should Be Silent

The mid 1920s were a big deal in the world of film because the first “talkies,” or movies with sound, came out. Now, almost a century later, there is a move to go back to silent movies. Social-media behemoth Facebook just released a new set of features and recommendations designed to help businesses create and feature videos that don’t depend on sound. If a video in a Facebook feed starts playing sound loudly when people aren’t expecting it, then four out of five people…
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Marketers Get More Personal


There’s a fine balance between personalizing your marketing messages to your audience and being creepy.

Marketers Make Customer Experience More Personal

Marketers this year will ramp up their efforts at personalization, getting a 360-degree view of customers and improving the customer experience, and they will leverage multiple strategies, tools and solutions to do so, a study released Tuesday by the CMO Council found. Deploying digital analytics and life cycle management tools will take the lead, followed by personalization platforms that help deliver more cross-channel, data-driven experiences; customer journey mapping solutions…
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Twitter’s New Algorithm


Have you tried the new way to display more relevant tweets in your Twitter feed?

Twitter’s New Algorithm Raises De-Democratization Fears

Twitter on Wednesday gave users the option of using a new algorithmically organized feed that would deliver more relevant messages — not necessarily the newest — first. The new approach to disseminating tweets was spearheaded by Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, who is under pressure because of the company’s lack of growth. Compared to other social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter is lagging behind in new user growth and stock performance. Naturally, that has put significant pressure on Dorsey.
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Instagram Allows 60 Second Videos for Advertisers


Video advertising keeps growing. Now you can promote videos of up to 60 seconds in length on Instagram.

Instagram Rolls Out 60-Second Video Option for Advertisers

While most social-media platforms emphasize their commitment to brevity — Vine’s six-second videos, Twitter’s 140-character per tweet limit and Snapchat’s vanishing messages — one company is hoping to extend attention spans. Instagram is rolling out a new feature for advertisers today: an option for minute-long ads. Previously, advertisers had a maximum time limit of 30 seconds to convey their messages, which is double the 15-second limit users have for their videos.
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How to Help America’s Loneliest Elephants


Take a few minutes to help these wonderful animals. All it takes is a few clicks to show your support for each of these elephants. These campaigns do work!

Take Action to Help America’s Loneliest Elephants

Despite plans to phase out its elephant program, the Bronx Zoo refuses to send Happy to a sanctuary. Below, you can ask zoo officials to do the right thing. Elephants are highly social animals who form strong, lasting bonds with their families. They work together to solve problems and rely on the wisdom, judgment, and experience of their eldest relatives. In the wild, the elephants featured on this page would have spent their entire lives with their families. Captive elephants forced…
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