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Walmart Offers Free Shipping with No Minimum to Compete with Amazon Prime Day

Walmart Free Shipping No Minimum

In order to compete with Amazon Prime Day, Walmart is currently offering customers free shipping with no minimum order now through Friday, July 15th, 2016. They are even claiming to offer lower prices than Amazon.

Google’s Hands Free

Google Hands Free

Google is testing yet another venture into the mobile payments space. Will this one catch on?

Google’s Hands Free Puts Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Google on Wednesday announced that it has begun testing an app dubbed “Hands Free,” which allows Android and iOS smartphone users to make purchases via their devices without taking them out of their pockets or purses. Early adopters in Silicon Valley can use the payment system at a small number of McDonald’s, Papa John’s and other eateries. The app offers hands-free connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi and location services on a user’s handset, which can detect when it is at a…
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Can Jack Dorsey Serve Both Twitter and Square?


Square is planning an IPO. Jack Dorsey is CEO of both Square and Twitter. How will this impact Square’s public debut?

Half a Dorsey May Mean Trouble for IPO-Bound Square

Square on Wednesday announced that it had registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission for its long-expected initial public offering. A startup that specializes in electronic payments, Square has been operating in the red. It plans to raise up to US$275 million in its IPO, it disclosed in its SEC filing. However, market conditions currently are not considered very favorable for IPOs. Square’s news made a few heads turn, coming just days after cofounder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced a
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Amazon Sets Its Sights on Etsy


Etsy should be worried, now that Amazon has introduced Handmade at Amazon.

Handmade at Amazon Could Needle Etsy

Amazon on Thursday announced Handmade at Amazon, a new specialty site designed to sell original handcrafted wares to a unique set of customers in a market led by rival etailer Etsy. Etsy, in its 10th year of operation, put the retail industry on notice in April, when its share price rose to US$31, up 88 percent from its initial public offering price of $16. However, its stock price recently has struggled amid concerns about the company’s long-term outlook. Handmade at Amazon will feature produc
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Amazon to Sell a $50 Tablet


Amazon’s disastrous Fire Phone launch failed to gain consumer adoption. Now it looks like they are taking another tactic to gain more Prime subscribers – a $50 tablet.

Report: Amazon to Build Cut-Rate Slate

Amazon plans to offer a US$50 tablet in time for the holiday shopping season, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people privy to the company’s plans. The 6-inch tablet would sell for half the price of the Fire HD 6. A $50 price point would make a tablet disposable to some and finally affordable to others — points apparently not lost on Amazon. Though there’s no argument it would be a killer price point, there remains the question of quality in a tablet with features cut to limbo under th
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Examples of Language Translation for Ecommerce

International Ecommerce

If you are thinking of expanding ecommerce operations into International markets, you’ll want to do it right. You must provide language translation, currency conversion, and be able to handle taxation, customs, and logistics. Here are some examples on how to do it, and how not to do it.

Language Translation for Ecommerce: Good and Bad Examples

This is the fourth installment in a 4-part series on language translation for ecommerce sites, following “Language Translation Tools for Ecommerce Sites,” “5 Keys for Building a Global Ecommerce Site,” and “Language Translation: Machines vs. Humans.” In this article, I will share good and bad examples of translation and internationalization. First, the bad examples. Ecommerce sites sometimes translate prices into a local currency, but nothing else — product
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How to Follow Up with Your Customers to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Email Your Customers

It’s important to follow up with your customers after they have made a purchase with you. After all, they decided to hand over their money to do business with you. That was the biggest hurdle. Now you need to engage with them and provide added value. Then they will come back for more.

6 After-order Emails to Boost Ecommerce Sales

When online retailers use email to market to loyal customers, those stores are applying one of their most effective marketing tools to some of their richest sales prospects. Repeat customers are significantly more valuable than new shoppers. Shoppers familiar with an online store not only spend more over the lifetime of their relationship with the store, but they also tend to spend more on each visit. An often cited Adobe study from August 2012 showed that shoppers who had returned to an online
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How to Track PayPal Transactions in Google Analytics

If you accept PayPal for payment on your Website and also use Google Analytics, you’ll want to make sure you are tracking your ecommerce conversions by following these instructions.

Google Analytics: How to Track PayPal Transactions

It is a headache tracking PayPal transactions in Google Analytics. There are currently no options for placing Google Analytics tracking code on PayPal’s pages. This makes the measurement of conversions and acquisition sources in Google Analytics challenging when customers pay with PayPal. Typically, PayPal transactions are only measured in Google Analytics when customers complete purchases through PayPal and then return to the order confirmation page on a website. In this scenario, ecommerce…
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Optimize Your Site for Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

You need to understand each stage of the buying cycle and make sure your site meets the needs of your visitors, no matter which stage they are in.

How to Optimize Your Site for Every Stage of the Buying Cycle

If you’ve been in marketing for a while, you’ll eventually discover a harsh reality. You can’t force people to buy from you. No matter how sexy your site or how awesome your conversion methods, you can’t automatically turn an unwilling customer into an eager spender. Why not? It’s explained by something called the customer buying cycle. To understand the buying cycle to its fullest, you must also understand your customers. You can find out why they didn’t…
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Amazon Rolls Out New Marketplace for Startups

Can Amazon compete with Shopify, BigCommerce, and Volusion?

This week Amazon unveiled a new program geared towards startups called Amazon Launchpad, which will help entrepreneurs “launch, market and distribute their products.” Similar to other ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce, entrepreneurs will be able to use the platform to set up a storefront, providing users a simple onboarding process, custom product pages, inventory management and marketing materials. But what may give Amazon an advantage is its audience and fulfillment capabilities. The website has millions of monthly visitors, allowing entrepreneurs the chance to get in front of a massive audience without spending a ton on marketing expenses.
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