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Can we just call them apps?

Apps are everywhere. Everywhere. Everywhere you look, you’ll find apps.

It wasn’t always that way.

On Windows, apps were “programs.” On a Mac, they were “applications.”

When Microsoft took up the term, following Apple’s App Store — THE App Store — Apple fans cried foul: They should be “progs,” they said, because Windows has programs, they said, and Mac has applications.

On gaming consoles, apps were once games, or discs, or cartridges. Music used to be CDs, or tapes, or vinyl. Cameras used to be cameras, but now they’re apps. Everything is an app. Social networks are camera companies now, which, again, are just apps. Websites were once just websites — now, if they’re any good, they’re web apps. Mail went from paper to website to app.

Apps are everywhere. On watches. On TVs. Inside other apps.

Apple trademarked the App Store, so Google called its app store a Play Store. It’s still an app store. You don’t download “plays” in a Play Store. You download apps.

Amazon made an app store and went to court over it. Amazon made its app store one word: the “Appstore.” We call it an app store, because it’s a store for apps.

Now apps aren’t just something you touch or click, or even something you can see. Siri. Alexa. Google Assistant. Cortana. There are apps for your voice now — voice apps.

But Apple calls Siri apps “extensions.” And Amazon calls Alexa apps “skills.” Microsoft, not very original, calls Cortana apps “skills,” too. Google calls Google Assistant apps “actions.”

But they’re just apps. Voice apps. Like phone apps and laptop apps. So really, can we just call them apps?

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Become an educated, certified currency trader for just $25

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Jiobit finds $3 million for kid trackers that work indoors, not just at the park

Jiobit's kid trackers work indoors and outside. Chicago startup Jiobit wants to use wireless technology to bring parents peace of mind whenever and wherever their kids may roam. Its flagship product is a location tracker that can stand up to the rough and tumble activities of a toddler or a tween, with a long battery life, and mobile app that sends alerts to parents when a kid has gone outside an expected range. Jiobit CEO and founder… Read More
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Grab this resume-polishing bundle of 130+ data science courses for just $39

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Amazon just launched Vehicles, a place to talk about and lust after cars

Amazon has introduced Amazon Vehicles, a forum where car enthusiasts can chat about their favorite vehicles — and design their dream car. Vehicles is an extension of Automotive, Amazon’s marketplace for buying actual cars parts like tires or air filters. Similarly, Vehicles is an offshoot of Amazon Garage, which lets you store information about cars you already own. It sounds confusing because it is. Amazon has created three different auto destinations, and while all have their own purpose, it could (read: should) be one service. But Vehicles is meant for the big picture. A quick jaunt through Amazon Vehicles is…

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BlackBerry just announced its second-ever Android smartphone and its an Alcatel clone

BlackBerry has just revealed its first smartphone following the Priv, the awfully named DTEK50. In something of a surprise move (the phone has been leaked for a while now), the device appears to be built by Alcatel, given it’ s virtually identical to that company’s Idol 4S. The specs certainly are identical: Snapdragon 617 3GB RAM 16 GB Storage 5.2-inch QHD display Micro-USB MicroSD expansion 13MP Rear Camera with phase detection I happen to be reviewing that exact phone at the moment, and it’s a solid device, but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed BlackBerry didn’t choose to…

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